PrintPVC Resin

PVC is the world's third most widely used plastic and is an attractive alternative to traditional materials such as glass, metal, wood, and other plastic materials because of its versatility, durability and cost competitiveness.   

Westlake’s U.S. operations include two PVC resin manufacturing facilities in Calvert City, KY and Geismar, LA.  These PVC plants benefit from vertical integration as the primary raw material, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) is produced at both Westlake plants in Calvert City and Geismar.   

Vinnolit, our European operations include PVC production facilities in Burghausen, Gendorf, Cologne, Knapsack and Schkopau in Germany and Hillhouse in the United Kingdom.  Vinnolit expanded our portfolio to add important specialty PVC resin products and technologies.

PVC is produced in powder form and then combined with other ingredients to create a compound with specific processing and end-use properties. Westlake manufactures Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resins with molecular weights ranging from 0.68 IV to 0.92 IV. In the U.S., these resins are used for pipe, siding and other profile applications such as windows, doors and decking.  In Europe, our products are suitable for a wide range of industrial and building product applications including automotive sealants and interior trim, cable sheathing, flooring, medical applications, pipes, film, technical coatings, wall covering and window profiles.

We have capacity to produce 1.3 billion pounds of PVC per year at our Calvert City facility and 600 million pounds per year at our Geismar facility. We use the majority of our PVC internally in the production of our building products and the remainder is sold to downstream fabricators and the export market. 

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