PrintBuilding Products

In the U.S., we manufacture and sell a wide range of products made from PVC that are used in construction materials ranging from water and sewer systems to home and commercial applications for fence, deck, rail, window and door systems. 

Three Westlake companies utilize our PVC resin in their products: North American Pipe and North American Specialty Products, which manufacture and sell pipe and fittings, and Westech Building Products, which fabricates and sells products for residential and commercial construction.

North American Pipe and North American Specialty Products make a wide range of rubber gasketed, solvent welded, and restrained joint PVC pipes and fittings that are used in municipal water and sewer, residential plumbing, water well, mining, and turf and agriculture irrigation applications. Westech Building Products makes PVC decking, railing and fencing products, as well as profiles for windows and patio doors. All of our products are sold externally. The combined capacity of our 12 building products plants is 1.2 billion pounds per year.

In China, through Suzhou Huasu Plastics Company JV, we manufacture a wide range of products including PVC resin and a variety of film products.  These film products are used in roof membranes, wallpaper, pool liners, inflatable products, automotive, stationery, insulation tapes, medical care, labels and graphics.