Today: Mar 21 2018 4:00PM EST

Stock Quote  $117.61 2.73 (2.38%)



At Westlake Chemical, everyone contributes talent. 

We work together to enhance peoples’ lives through our products and presence in communities.  A competitive player in the chemical market, we focus our talents on delivering strong business results.   We invite you to enhance your work life and career experience by applying your talent here.

A historically stable and growing international company, Westlake continues to hire competent, flexible people who work across a broad range of disciplines.  From well-trained plant operators to resourceful engineers to multi-faceted professional staff, everyone has a chance to make a significant, visible contribution at Westlake. 

Westlake’s employees have the opportunity to grow in an entrepreneurial environment, where we continue to build on our business success by reviewing business opportunities and finding ways to improve.

As a solid company, Westlake has the resources to be smart about its growth and talent.