PrintBusiness Segments

Westlake Chemical is a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of basic chemicals and plastics including Polyethylene, Polyvinylchloride (PVC), styrene monomer, Chlorine, Caustic Soda and PVC building products.  Our offerings contribute to some of the most vital and widely used products in the world, from car parts to bread bags to PVC pipe for underground water solutions.   We operate with two business segments – Olefins and Vinyls.

Vinyls Segment

Our Vinyls segment is substantially integrated downstream.   We operate several Westlake companies which manufacture and market end-user industrial and consumer PVC products and technologies, including a full range of PVC pipe and fitting products.  We also manufacture PVC deck, rail and fencing, window profiles, patio doors, film and specialty PVC offerings.  Learn more about our Vinyls segment and its associated Westlake companies, on our Vinyls page

Olefins Segment

Our Olefins segment manufactures ethylene and associated co-products, polyethylene, styrene monomer and associated co-products at our manufacturing facility in Lake Charles and polyethylene at our Longview, Texas facility.  Most of our ethylene production supplies our internal needs in the polyethylene and vinyls businesses.  Specific information regarding our polyethylene capabilities can be found on our Polyethylene page.   Additional information about our Olefins segment can be found on our Olefins page.